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Dental air compressor 35L

Air Compressors are the heart of the Dental Surgery.
This machine compresses, cleans, stores air, which powers handpieces and certain functions of dental treatment centres and hand-piece cleaners. 

24L oil free air compressor

 Oil free compressors are perfect for spray guns and applications, much as medical environments, where it’s important that oil doesn’t pass through a tool. These oil-less compressors are also low maintenance and incredibly easy to set up and use. 

Air Compressor 2HP Direct Drive 25L

Direct Driven Air Compressor

Also called Lubricated Direct Driven Air Compressor,is the most widely used air compressor in many field.

Electric 2hp 50L Belt Driven Piston Air Compressor

Belt Drive Air Compressor

Belt-drive compressors have a belt that connects the motor to the air compressor pump with pulleys. They offer greater flexibility to adjust the air flow and pressure as needed. They are also less expensive to purchase, and are easier to install and maintain

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We want to take the hassle out of purchasing and servicing air compressors. We help you to find the right machine for the right application.